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For the most part, this office of programmers, analysts, technicians, and researchers work behind the scenes to develop, maintain, and protect WVDE’s extensive data collection and information systems. Their work falls into four main functional areas:

  • Data systems development, including (a) providing primary West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS) support and development; (b) documenting and communicating system functions; and (c) providing controlled data access.
  • Federal and state projects, including (a) supporting and developing federal/state program offices’ online reporting and tracking systems; (b) documenting and communicating federal/state program offices’ requests; and (c) providing federal/state required reporting.
  • Network and infrastructure, including (a) maintaining servers, iSeries, routers, switches, other WVDE systems hardware; (b) maintaining K12 network and internet access across the state; (c) maintaining WVDE phones and computer-related equipment; (d) providing digital forensic analysis; and (e) refurbishing office computers for new use in K12 classrooms (Second Launch).
  • Support, compliance and research, the staff involved in support, compliance and research are responsible for providing direct support to those interested in education data and information, including parents, educators, policy makers and the general public.