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Dr. Richard M. Cash

President of nRich Educational Consulting and author of Advancing Differentiation – Hosted by Cabell, Marion and Randolph County Schools

Grade Levels: Pre-K –12

Dates: March 12 – Knights of Columbus Hall, Fairmont, WV Grades 6 –12

Grades 6 –12 March 18 – Wingate Hotel, Elkins, WV

Grades PK – 5 March 19 – Wingate Hotel, Elkins, WV Grades 6 –12

Audience: Mathematics and special education teacher leaders in grade bands Pre-K – 5 and 6 –12, (10 – 15 per county)

Dr. Cash will continue the conversation with grade level groups (Pre-K – 5 and 6 – 12) for the final one-day workshops in March 2020. These workshops will allow teacher leaders to discuss differentiation and critical

thinking strategies used in the classroom and receive further information regarding assessment strategies and sustainability. For optimal impact, teacher leaders who attend the workshop would serve as facilitators to cadres of teachers at the school or district level.