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What is the Summer SOLE Grant Program?

What is the Summer SOLE Grant Program?

Summer SOLE (Student Opportunities for Learning and Engagement) Grants provide funding to county boards of education to offer students comprehensive in-person summer learning experiences that are interactive, engaging, and address academic and social-emotional needs. Watch our first Summer SOLE recap video to learn more.

What is the Summer SOLE Grant Program?


The purpose of these opportunities is to:

  • Provide all students with access to social-emotional resources and counseling for college and career pathways.

  • Provide special education students and English language learners with equal access to summer learning programs.

  • Partner with community organizations that support student learning and success such as Energy Express, Community Learning Centers, and the National Summer Learning Association.

  • Establish summer learning components allowing students to experience activities in wellness, STEM, and humanities such as field trips or special events at the school.

  • Ensure all students have access to summer learning programs by providing transportation to and from the program sites.

  • Provide meals for students as part of the summer learning program.

  • Partner with nearby colleges’ and universities’ educational preparation programs to place teacher candidates in summer learning classrooms as support for the classroom teacher while earning needed hours.


Funded Summer SOLE Programs will:

  • Provide opportunities for K-5 students to engage in learning activities that address learning gaps in mathematics and reading through the exploration of wellness, sciences, humanities, and the arts.

  • Allow students in grades 6-8 to concurrently address learning gaps in mathematics and literacy while exploring careers and preparing for a successful transition to high school.

  • Support flexible scheduling, allowing high school students to recover credits needed for graduation, engage in classes to address content gaps, complete requirements for CTE certifications, and prepare for the transition to college or career.


Along with certain parameters that have to be met for grant funding, each participating county planned a unique program based on its vision, available community resources, and the needs of students and families. Check out the hashtag #SummerSOLEWV on social media to see highlights from throughout the summer!