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Utilize the unit design framework and see the Mathematical Habits of Mind in action.

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From family engagement to educator instruction guides, this video library provides resources to help deepen your understanding of the the Mathematical Habits of Mind.

Explore the positive side of mathematics and share tips on how to keep students and families engaged in numeracy.

Persevere through Problem Solving

Jessica Espinosa discusses Mathematical Habit of Mind 1 at the elementary-level, encouraging students to “make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.”

Make Sense of Problems

Steve Freshour discusses Mathematical Habit of Mind 1 at the secondary-level, encouraging students to make sense og problems and persevering to find a a solution.

Precise Problem-Solving

Join Emily Donathan as she implements Mathematical Habit of Mind 6 in her classroom, challenging her students to “attend to precision.”

Working with Precision

Jack Kaniecki encourages his students to think critically of mathematical problems, requiring students to utilize Mathematical Habit of Mind 6: attend to precision.

Look for Structure

Jessica Houck challenges her students to “look for and make use of structure in the classroom, which is Mathematical Habit of Mind 7.

Making Use of Structure

Gwynne Flatley teaches her high school students to utilizes Mathematical Habit of Mind 7 in their work and problem-solving by “looking for and making use of structure.”

Look For and Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning

2023 Milken Educator Janna Hamrick  utilizes Mathematical Habit of Mind 8, “look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning,” in her classroom.

Utilizing Repeated Reasoning

Sara Klesel teaches mathematics by encouraging students to “look for an express regularity in repeated reasoning” in their calculations.

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Expand your understanding of mathematics with these familiar math4life resources categorized by grade level.

Explore individual resources for K–8 classrooms as well as resources for credit-bearing integrated and traditional pathways.

Learn about the skills and dispositions students need developed in their PK-12 education.


Essential resources for everyone.

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Explore West Virginia resources to support what your student is learning in the classroom at home.

Teacher & Students reading together

Utilize the unit design framework and see the Mathematical Habits of Mind in action.

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Discover ways and opportunities to support math educators in your county and school.