Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why were the changes/revisions necessary? 
    West Virginia’s Core Knowledge and Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals has been revised to reflect current research and best practices across all early childhood programs and settings. The Core Knowledge and Competencies reflect the complex knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions of professionals that work with or on behalf of young children and families. Some of the changes are small, such as changes to wording or language.

    Other changes are significant, such as the change from eight content areas to seven or the removal of tier levels. Whether large or small, all of the changes have been deliberate and carefully considered by early childhood leaders in our state.

  • When will these changes/revisions go into effect? 
    At this time, the revised competencies are being posted for planning purposes only. The official launch of West Virginia’s Core Knowledge and Competencies will take place in April 2016 at the Celebrating Connections Conference. More information on resources and training will be available in the coming months.

    We expect full implementation of the revised competencies by August 2016.

  • Where will trainings on the revised competencies be available? 
    Various trainings are currently being developed and will be released in 2016. The upcoming training sessions will help you become familiar with the revisions and how to use the document in your work. These trainings will be primarily online and accessible to all professionals, regardless of geographical area. We will publicize the trainings as they approach. Continue to check this website for more information. What can I do to prepare for the formal release of the competencies? For now, you can prepare by familiarizing yourself with the revision.  Reviewing and understanding the revised document will assist you in understanding the changes that are forthcoming.

Check back frequently for updates and announcements.