The West Virginia Schools of Diversion and Transition provides educational services to over 6,000 juveniles and adults in residential and other state-operated facilities. The State Department of Education and the State Board of Education have assumed an important role in protecting the constitutional rights of this population by providing programs and services that help change their lives.

In 2017, the Office of Diversion and Transition started exploring the idea of implementing PBIS in our schools. Given the fact that our schools were all located in either DHHR facilities, Juvenile Centers or Juvenile Correctional Centers it became apparent that Facility Wide PBIS was the best fit.

Facility-Wide PBIS

In 2017 the Office of Diversion and Transition Programs (ODTP) took the initiative to begin implementing the PBIS model in its schools and facilities in a collaborative facility-wide model (FWPBIS). The FWPBIS model utilizes the PBIS philosophy to design a PBIS program that is facilitated throughout the daily milieu as opposed to School-Wide PBIS which is just facilitated during school hours. BJS and DHHR licensed facilities work in collaboration with the ODTP schools to design, implement, and facilitate the FWPBIS model.

Facility-Wide PBIS (BJS)
  • Sam Perdue Juvenile Center – Mercer County
  • Lorrie Yeager Juvenile Center – Wood County
  • Tiger Morton Juvenile Center – Kanawha County
Facility-Wide PBIS (DHHR)
  • Board of Child Care – Berkeley County
  • Burlington Center – Mineral County
  • Davis-Stuart School-Randolph County
  • West Virginia Children’s Home – Randolph County
  • Cammack Children’s Center – Cabell County

School-Wide PBIS

School-Wide PBIS (BJS)
  • Ron Mulholland Juvenile Center – Ohio County
  • Vicki Douglas Juvenile Center – Berkeley Center
  • Donald R. Kuhn Juvenile Center – Boone County
  • Gene Spadaro Juvenile Center – Fayette County
  • J.M. Chick Buckbee Juvenile Center – Hampshire County
School-Wide PBIS (DHHR)
  • Pressley Ridge Laurel Park – Harrison County
  • Pressley Ridge Grant Gardens – Cabell County
  • Beckley Center School – Raleigh County

Adult-Education PBIS

Adult Education PBIS (BJS)
  • Parkersburg Correctional Center and Jail – Wood County
  • Prunytown Correctional Center – Taylor County
  • Salem Correctional Center – Harrison County

Contact Information

  • Heather Byram
  • WVSDT PBIS Specialist

  • 161 Hope Lane
    Burlington, WV 26710

  • Phone: 304-813-7099