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Mathematics has been a constant in helping to define the natural world and arrive at truths by careful reasoning. In the last century, mathematics has been applied to many other purposes that bring meaning to life, such as analyzing voting trends or long-term strategies for dealing with the opioid crisis.  Today, mathematical thinking is more important than ever before.  Learning to think in mathematical terms is essential for a student to become a productive citizen.

Unfortunately, a significant number of students develop unproductive mathematical strategies and skills which lead to students seeing little value in mathematics. Despite the increase in the percentage of students enrolling in upper-level mathematics courses, high school NAEP score have remained flat for the past decade.  In 2006 fewer than fifty percent of U.S. high school graduates were considered ready for college-level mathematics coursework, as measured by ACT math scores.  There is a need to improve the mathematics learning experiences and outcomes for all students.

This website contains useful resources and information to assist in breaking this cycle of superficial understanding of mathematical concepts which leads to negative attitudes toward mathematics.