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A Family Guide to Mathematics Grades PreK-K

SnapShot of Math Standards

  • Kindergarten
  • Mathematical Habits of Mind – The Family Guide
    The Mathematical Habits of Mind Family Guide helps families understand the importance of the Mathematical Habits of Mind and what the Habits of Mind are. The Family Guide also provides tips and questions families can use to build the Mathematical Habits of Mind in their students.

Things to do at home with your child:

  • Count everything with your child
  • Read Books about numbers and counting
  • Cook with your child. Talk about measurements and numbers
  • Talk about shapes in the environment
  • Sort laundry by size, color, pairs
  • Have your child put away groceries

Additional Resources

Early Math Matters: A Guide for Parents of Preschoolers

Discover how to ignite your preschooler’s passion for math through interactive play and expert insights with’s Guide for Parents of Preschoolers. Lay the groundwork for academic success and lifelong confidence together.

Kindergarten Math Tips provides tips on helping your child master the building blocks of math outside of the classroom.

Learning Math Concepts at Home provides several articles for families to learn math concepts at home with their child.

Bedtime Math inspires kids to love math so they embrace and excel at it.

Unlocking Young Children’s Potential

Studies find that the mathematics knowledge acquired in early childhood and early elementary grades is a critical foundation for long-term student success: For more, read the NGA Paper – Unlocking Young Children’s Potential: Governors’ Role in Strengthening Early Mathematics Learning.

Ideas to Help Your Child Succeed in and Enjoy Mathematics

A Family’s Guide – Fostering your child’s success in school mathematics (Grades PreK – 12)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (, 2005

Count Play Explore

The Count Play Explore website contains an engaging collection of resources for parents looking for something fun and meaningful to do with young children. This digital portal dispels preconceived notions of math as stuffy and dull.

National PTA Family Guides

National PTA Family Guides can help parents and caretakers find valuable tips for helping their children succeed in key learning areas.

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