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About Ready, Read, Write, West Virginia

Our Values

The WVDE will address deficiencies in student literacy by utilizing the practices of the Science of Reading. Supporting educators with immersive and research-driven instructional practices in the key components of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension coupled with writing, the Department will positively impact the quality of instruction and advance the level of student learning throughout the state.

Our Mission

The WVDE will ensure a comprehensive system of support to elevate reading and writing achievement for all students in our public-school system to support the following goals of the West Virginia Board of Education:

  • Encourage a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and skills;
  • Promote a culture of responsibility, personal well-being, and community engagement; and
  • Respond to workforce and economic demands.

Our Goals

The WVDE will:

  1. Create professional development supports for districts that focus on a comprehensive approach to reading and writing instruction connected to the five pillars of the Science of Reading;
  2. Provide each county and school with their English language arts results so they can assess strengths and weaknesses to be addressed in schools and classrooms;
  3. Support county-level and school-level leadership teams focused on vertical alignment of learning progressions, improving student learning and performance in reading and writing; as well as expanding educator content understanding and pedagogy;
  4. Encourage the use of extended learning opportunities before or after school or in the summer that are in-person or virtual;
  5. Collaborate with Institutions of higher education to align and strengthen offerings and programs for pre- and in-service educators.

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