Introductions to the WV College and Career Readiness Standards

For Educator Resources, visit the West Virginia TREE (Teacher Resources for Educational Excellence)

The WV TREE is a one stop, grade-specific site highlighting WV NxG Standards, resources, and links that are essential to the classroom teacher. The resources include grade specific lessons, professional learning, and guidance documents crafted to help enhance teaching practice and guide the classroom teacher in the art of teaching. The links will connect teachers with web pages essential to the profession, such as the WV Teacher Evaluation Login, a link to the WVDE Webtop, and links to relevant policies that are critical to specific grade levels. The TREE is designed with the teacher’s busy schedule in mind, one stop, one focus, and tailored for the professional educator.

Support for College- and Career-Readiness Standards

The Support for College- and Career-Readiness Standards (CCRS) are intended to help educators recognize what students are able to do in relation to the grade-level standards in order to help them move toward explicit success criteria.   This allows students to work toward grade-level and course content standards while working at individual ability levels. By identifying the prerequisite and enabling skills for each standard, teachers may plan instruction to address the achievement gap. These documents will be beneficial for teachers of general and special education.