The Purple Star Award is a designation assigned to schools which display a special commitment to supporting military children and their families. Common Ground Partners review applications and the West Virginia Department of Education issues awards to schools meeting the award’s eligibility criteria. Schools receiving the award are issued an official certificate and additional electronic materials which may be used to pridefully display their status as a military-friendly school throughout the building. This award contributes to our partnership‘s efforts to build strong bonds between schools, military service members, and community organizations which meet the specialized needs of our children and enhance the success of all students.

To learn how your school or school district may become recognized for a three-year period (the present school year and following two school years) with the Purple Star Award, please review the application below or contact WVDE Coordinator, Mr. Robert Mellace at or 1-833-627-2833.

Press Releases:

Review a National Study of the Purple Star School Designation Program from Columbia University.

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Watch the Second Class of Purple Star Award Recipients Video ❯


The application period for the third class of the Purple Star Award is now open. Applications will be accepted from Wednesday, October 26, 2022, until Friday, April 28, 2023, at 4:00pm.

Criteria For Purple Star Award Recipients:

Purple Star Schools

  • Identify a military family point of contact at the school who successfully completes the required course with a quiz score of 100%. Provide the course certificate to the principal for upload within the school’s application.
  • Provide a link to the Common Ground Partnership’s homepage on the school’s website, which features a wide variety of useful resources for military families
  • Describe a plan to support military children and their families throughout the three-year period of the award recognition
  • Provide evidence of officially scheduling or conducting at least two types of military support activities during the identified period described on the application. Schools may receive credit for one military support activity if the county board of education issues a resolution or takes documented action in support of military-connected children and their families.
  • Principal certification of assurance statements, submitting the application

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All school applications are approved by one WVDE staff member and one staff member from a military partner of the Common Ground Partnership.

Purple Star Districts

  • Provide a military family point of contact at the county level who completes the required course with a quiz score of 100%. Provide the course certificate to the WVDE via e-mail.
  • Provide a link to the Common Ground Partnership’s homepage on the school district’s website.
  • The county school board passes a resolution or takes documented action publicizing information about the school system’s support for military students and families.
  • All public schools within the county have been awarded the Purple Star Award for the period of time identified within the application. *Exceptions can be made upon request for alternative learning centers, etc.*
  • County official submits an e-mail with documented evidence of meeting all criteria to

Please contact Mr. Robert Mellace at or Mrs. Electa Crowder at with any questions. Call 1-304-558-3119 for complete details.

Military Family Point of Contact Training

To access the required training for Military Family Points of Contact seeking the Purple Star Award, click here. The course requires use of an account.

Once a school receives the Purple Star Award, the Military Family Point of Contact will begin receiving regular correspondence about opportunities to collaborate with military partners, participate in professional development in meeting the needs of military connected children and supportive resources available to military families. If a Military Family Point of Contact leaves the school, the principal must provide the WVDE with notification of who will be assuming this role in their absence. Principals may provide Mr. Robert Mellace with this information at

Purple Star Informer


The following are issues of a newsletter Military Family Points of Contact and administrators of Purple Star Schools receive via e-mail in West Virginia:

Optional Trainings

The following are optional trainings designed to further strengthen the knowledge of Military Family Points of Contact.

Webinar Series For 2022-2023

West Virginia county and school staff are invited to use the following flyer which includes links to access professional development via Microsoft Teams, focusing on assessment-based programs that support the success of all students and meeting the needs of military-connected children.

Common Ground Partnership 2022-2023 Webinar Series Flyer

Webinar Series Topics:

  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) – Watch the video.
  • March2Success (ACT and SAT Supports) – Watch the video.
  • Phases of Emotional and Psychological Deployment – Watch the video.
  • General Stress and Coping Strategies for Military Kids and Families – January 19, 2023 – Watch the video
  • Fostering Resiliency Among Military Kids – February 16, 2023
  • Resources and Strategies for Combatting Trauma, Grief and/or Loss – March 6, 2023

MIC3 Professional Development

The West Virginia Department of Education and Compact Commissioner collaborated with the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) to offer a free learning session for West Virginia educators covering the basics of MIC3. MIC3 supports successful transitions for military families with children transferring between public schools of different states. These unique provisions of W. Va. Code can make a significant difference in the lives of soldiers as they seek reasonable accommodations related to their active-duty orders.

Understanding the Military

Provides a brief explanation of important aspects of military service and the deployment cycle.

County Board Resolutions

One of the optional military support activities identified on the Purple Star Award application is that the county school board may pass a resolution publicizing information about the school system’s support for military students and families. School boards seeking examples of resolutions for enhancing collaboration with military organizations and providing supports to military families may use or modify the following documents to fit their needs and plans.

Qualifying resolutions have been issued by County Boards of Education in the following counties:

County Date
Berkeley April 4, 2022
Brooke June 25, 2021
Cabell March 1, 2022
Kanawha September 7, 2021
Marion September 28, 2021
Monroe October 19, 2021
Morgan October 19, 2021
Pocahontas October 12, 2021
Putnam October 18, 2021
Tyler January 18, 2022
Wetzel September 13, 2021

Purple Star Award Recipients

Purple Star Districts (with 100% of schools receiving the award)

County Award Period County Military Family Point of Contact E-mail
Brooke 1st Class, 2021-2024 Stephanie Duffy-Zimmer
Kanawha 1st Class, 2021-2024 Melissa Ruddle
Pocahontas 1st Class, 2021-2024 Ronald Hall
Cabell 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Keith Thomas
Marion 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Leo Skarzinski
Monroe 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Leigh Boggess
Putnam 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Jennifer Campbell
Tyler 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Abram Highley
Wetzel 2nd Class, 2021-2024 Darren Cook

Please contact your Purple Star School’s military family point of contact before contacting the county’s military family point of contact. 

Purple Star Schools

School NameCountyName of the Military Family Point of ContactE-mail of the Military Family Point of ContactAward Period
Brooke High SchoolBrookeMeredith Hoodmhood@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brooke Intermediate School NorthBrookeEmily Stuckemily.stuck@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brooke Intermediate School SouthBrookeW. Scott DonohewScott.donohew@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brooke Middle SchoolBrookeAmy Ludewigaludewig@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brooke Primary School SouthBrookeHeidi Dawsonhdawson@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brooke Primary School NorthBrookeTracey Welchtwelch@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
The Bruin Bridge SchoolBrookeMike Lewismichael.p.lewis@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Milton Middle SchoolCabellJason Goodejwgoode@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Lewisburg Elementary SchoolGreenbrierLaura Montgomerylaura.montgomery@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Bridgeport High SchoolHarrisonRenee Mathewsrenee.mathews@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mountaineer Middle SchoolHarrisonDavid Drydendavid.dryden@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
North View Elementary SchoolHarrisonKim Secretokimberly.secreto@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Simpson Elementary SchoolHarrisonJennifer RandolphJennifer.Randolph@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Alban Elementary SchoolKanawhaJohnna Jacobsjmjacobs@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Alum Creek Elementary SchoolKanawhaBetty Jo Smithbettysmith@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Andrew Jackson Middle SchoolKanawhaRhonda Donohoerdonohoe@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Andrews Heights Elementary SchoolKanawhaSuzanne Armstrongyarmstrong@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Anne Bailey Elementary SchoolKanawhaJacki Collinsjcollins@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Belle Elementary SchoolKanawhaLori Healylhealy@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Ben Franklin Career CenterKanawhaNicole McCartneynlmccartney@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Bridgeview Elementary SchoolKanawhaChantel Hartwellchartwell@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Capital High SchoolKanawhaTimothy Kyertkyer@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Carver Career CenterKanawhaDawn DeMossddemoss@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Cedar Grove Elementary SchoolKanawhaEmily Danielsefletcher@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Cedar Grove Middle SchoolKanawhaDickie Lanhamdllanham@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Central Elementary SchoolKanawhaWhitney Canadawcanada@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Chamberlain Elementary SchoolKanawhaPhoebe McCloudpmccloud@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Chandler AcademyKanawhaPatty Waldeckpwaldeck@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Chesapeake Elementary SchoolKanawhaKim Poseykposey@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Clendenin Elementary SchoolKanawhaAngela Gurskiagurski@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Cross Lanes Elementary SchoolKanawhaNola Willardnola.willard@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Dunbar Intermediate SchoolKanawhaSara Raines-Wilsonsraines@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Dunbar Middle SchoolKanawhaKandace Ansahkansah@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Dunbar Primary SchoolKanawhaMichelle Adamsmadams@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
DuPont Middle SchoolKanawhaLarissa Davislarissadavis@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
East Bank Middle SchoolKanawhaMatthew Stonestreetmstonestreet@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Edgewood Elementary SchoolKanawhaChristina Bridgettecbridgette@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Elk Elementary CenterKanawhaJeff Mullinsjmullins@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Elkview Middle SchoolKanawhaVictoria Emeryvemery@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Flinn Elementary SchoolKanawhaChelsea Lewischelsealewis@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Garnet Career CenterKanawhaJanice Standishjstandish@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
George C. Weimer Elementary SchoolKanawhaPamela Sneadpsnead@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
George Washington High SchoolKanawhaBrad McGeetmcgee@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Grandview Elementary SchoolKanawhaKatey Francis-VirKfrancis-vir@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Hayes Middle SchoolKanawhaLindsay Johnsonlindsayjohnson@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Herbert Hoover High SchoolKanawhaMatthew Emchmemch@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Holz Elementary SchoolKanawhaLynn Davislmdavis@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Horace Mann Middle SchoolKanawhaShandon Tweedyetweedy@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
John Adams Middle SchoolKanawhaJessica Abshirejmeans@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Kanawha City Elementary SchoolKanawhaMegan Paxtonmpaxton@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Kenna Elementary SchoolKanawhaLeah KerseyLMKERSEY@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Lakewood Elementary SchoolKanawhaMichelle Burkmichelleburk@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Malden Elementary SchoolKanawhaTonya Harpertharper@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Marmet Elementary SchoolKanawhaCynthia Schillingcschilling@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary SchoolKanawhaStarlena Slatersgslater@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mary Ingles Elementary SchoolKanawhaAndrea Goffandrea.goff@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
McKinley Middle SchoolKanawhaMelissa Chapmanmchapman@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Midland Trail Elementary SchoolKanawhaGrant DavisGdavis@mail.kana.k12.Wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Montrose Elementary SchoolKanawhaKristi WalterKwalter@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Nitro Elementary SchoolKanawhaAmy Mellaceamellace@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Nitro High SchoolKanawhaWilliam Parkwpark@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Overbrook Elementary SchoolKanawhaJamie Kingreyjkingrey@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Piedmont Elementary SchoolKanawhaDusty Herscherdherscher@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Pinch Elementary SchoolKanawhaTrudy FragaleTbonnett-fragale@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Point Harmony Elementary SchoolKanawhaJamie SingletonJSINGLETON@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Pratt Elementary SchoolKanawhaJacqueline Herschjhersch@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Richmond Elementary SchoolKanawhaSara Krasonskrason@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Riverside High SchoolKanawhaBryan Murphybmurphy@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Ruffner Elementary SchoolKanawhaKatelynn Kingkmking@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Ruthlawn Elementary SchoolKanawhaLoraine JacksonLkjackson@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Saint Albans High SchoolKanawhaRobert Fergusonrferguson@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Sharon Dawes Elementary SchoolKanawhaCandace Rosecrose@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Shoals Elementary SchoolKanawhaMelinda Humphreysmelinda.d.humphreys@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Sissonville Elementary SchoolKanawhaJenny Newhousejnewhouse@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Sissonville High SchoolKanawhaTony Lestertlester@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Sissonville Middle SchoolKanawhaMatthew Woodmrwood@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
South Charleston High SchoolKanawhaRonald Belluerbellue@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
South Charleston Middle SchoolKanawhaMichelle Tatemtate@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Weberwood Elementary SchoolKanawhaBrianne Vandalbrianne.vandal@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
West Side Middle SchoolKanawhaLinda Williamslawilliams@mail.kana.k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Leading Creek Elementary SchoolLewisMelanie Moodymelanie.moody@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Lewis County High SchoolLewisAubrey Lingeralinger@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Peterson-Central Elementary SchoolLewisMona Vinsonmona.vinson@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Man Elementary SchoolLoganDoug Barrettdbarrett@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Blackshere Elementary SchoolMarionJanie Devauljdevaul@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
East Dale Elementary SchoolMarionTami Alexandertxalexan@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
East Fairmont High SchoolMarionTimothy Beantbean@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
East Fairmont Middle SchoolMarionCharlotte Rombergercharlotte.romberger@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Fairmont Senior High SchoolMarionKirt Walterskirt.walters@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Fairview Elementary SchoolMarionMonique Callmmcall@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mannington Middle SchoolMarionEmilie Lewisemily.dewitt@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Monongah Elementary SchoolMarionPaula Hattenphatten@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
North Marion High SchoolMarionCarrie Elmlingercelmlinger@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Pleasant Valley Elementary SchoolMarionLisa Boylelboyle@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Rivesville Elementary Middle SchoolMarionChristopher Binottocbinotto@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
White Hall Elementary SchoolMarionElizabeth Nan Murrayelmurray@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Brushfork Elementary SchoolMercerAngel Elswickangel.elswick@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Oakvale Elementary SchoolMercerLaCosta Hodgeslhodges@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mineral County Alternative SchoolMineralBlake Mangoldblake.mangold@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Eastwood Elementary SchoolMonongaliaLeslie Phareslphares@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
James Monroe High SchoolMonroeAubrey Houckafhouck@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Monroe County Vocational CenterMonroeWilliam Longanacrewilliam.longanacre@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mountain View Elementary and Middle SchoolMonroeTracy Dransfieldtdransfield@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Peterstown Elementary SchoolMonroeBenjamin Belcherben.belcher@rocketmail.com1st Class, 2021-2024
Green Bank Elementary Middle SchoolPocahontasDavid Pauldavid.paul@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Hillsboro Elementary SchoolPocahontasRebecca Spencerraspencer@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Marlinton Elementary SchoolPocahontasKristi Tankersleyktankersley@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Marlinton Middle SchoolPocahontasSherman Taylorshtaylor@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Pocahontas County High SchoolPocahontasAnita Workmananita.workman@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Kingwood Elementary SchoolPrestonMadison Johnsonmadison.johnson@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Buffalo High SchoolPutnamNatasha Barkernbarker@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Eastbrook Elementary SchoolPutnamAmy Barkleyasbarkley@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
George Washington Elementary SchoolPutnamSuzette Rosariosuzette.rosario@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Hurricane High SchoolPutnamSarah Barnessstandish@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Hurricane Town Elementary SchoolPutnamAlexis WileyAlexis.wiley@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Lakeside Elementary SchoolPutnamKelli Randan-Penningtonkrandan@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Mountain View Elementary SchoolPutnamKim Parsonskdparsons@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Poca Elementary SchoolPutnamMarlene Smithmarlene.smith@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Rock Branch Elementary SchoolPutnamRebecca Bennettrebecca.bennett@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
West Teays Elementary SchoolPutnamCarla Paynecrpayne@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Winfield Elementary SchoolPutnamVicki Dyevldye@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Taylor County Middle SchoolTaylorRenee Mahonrmahon@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Buffalo Middle SchoolWayneLauren Hensleylnshaw@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Hundred High SchoolWetzelBeverly VanScyocbvanscyo@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Magnolia High SchoolWetzelRobert Gomezrobert.gomez@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
New Martinsville Middle SchoolWetzelJeff Hiestandjhiestand@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Paden City Elementary SchoolWetzelDebbie Allendlallen@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Paden City High SchoolWetzelRobert Pricerobert.price@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Valley High SchoolWetzelJanet Moorejhmoore@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Wetzel County Technical Education CenterWetzelAmanda McPhersonamcphers@k12.wv.us1st Class, 2021-2024
Bedington Elementary SchoolBerkeleyLaurel Wehmeyerlwehmeyer@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Eagle School Intermediate SchoolBerkeleyVictoria Lyonsvictoria.lyons@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Gerrardstown Elementary SchoolBerkeleyAnn Mathenaann.mathena@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Hedgesville High SchoolBerkeleyAmanda Brownajbrown@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Hedgesville Middle SchoolBerkeleyArlin Riggsarlin.riggs@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Marlowe Elementary SchoolBerkeleyBrookeann Kessingerbrookeann.stenson@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Martinsburg High SchoolBerkeleyJeanne Cloudjcloud@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Mill Creek Intermediate SchoolBerkeleyApril Cecilapril.cecil@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Mountain Ridge Intermediate SchoolBerkeleyAnn Mathenaann.mathena@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Musselman High SchoolBerkeleyMelissa Shermanmasherma@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Musselman Middle SchoolBerkeleyJessica Wolfejessica.p.wolfe@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Opequon Elementary SchoolBerkeleyJodi Williamsjgwilliams@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Orchard View Intermediate SchoolBerkeleyDeneil Buseydbusey@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Rosemont Elementary SchoolBerkeleyAmanda Palmerapalmer@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Spring Mills High SchoolBerkeleyJayla Cranejayla.crane@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Spring Mills Middle SchoolBerkeleyLee-Dorah Wokparalwokpara@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Tomahawk Intermediate SchoolBerkeleyMegan Boydmegan.boyd@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Altizer Elementary SchoolCabellJames Wagnerjrwagner@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Barboursville Middle SchoolCabellDavid Watsondavid.watson@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Cabell Midland High SchoolCabellHenry Lukehenry.luke@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Central City Elementary SchoolCabellMelissa Chapmanmmooney@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Cox Landing Elementary SchoolCabellIda Wagneriwagner@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Culloden Elementary SchoolCabellTasha AdkinsTasha.adkins@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Davis Creek Elementary SchoolCabellPatrick O'Nealroneal@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Explorer AcademyCabellAlexis ZimmermanExplorer Academy2nd Class, 2021-2024
Guyandotte Elementary SchoolCabellKelli Stottskstotts@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Highlawn Elementary SchoolCabellRenee Waltersrenee.walters@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Hite Saunders Elementary SchoolCabellChristina Schreibercschreiber@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Huntington East Middle SchoolCabellWilliam Robertswilliam.j.roberts@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Huntington High SchoolCabellNicole MaseyNicole.masey@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Huntington Middle SchoolCabellKathy Cyruskathy.cyrus@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Martha Elementary SchoolCabellDiana Wrightdiana.wright@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Meadows Elementary SchoolCabellAndrea Ramseyandrea.ramsey@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Milton Elementary SchoolCabellAngela Williamsonangela.williamson@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Nichols Elementary SchoolCabellJennifer McComasjamccoma@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Ona Elementary SchoolCabellRick Snyderrdsnyder@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Salt Rock Elementary SchoolCabellMarissa Biasmarissa.mangus@wvesc.org2nd Class, 2021-2024
Southside Elementary SchoolCabellCrystal Smithcdnsmith@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Spring Hill Elementary SchoolCabellBeth Pettrylpettry@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Village of Barboursville Elementary SchoolCabellKim Lewiskmlewis@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Greenbrier West High SchoolGreenbrierSharon Boggsslboggs@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Barrackville Elementary Middle SchoolMarionSarah Episcoposepiscop@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
East Park Elementary SchoolMarionIan Harnediharned@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Fairview Middle SchoolMarionSteve Rodriguezsrodrigu@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Jayenne Elementary schoolMarionJuliana Cipressijuliana.cipressi@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Monongah Middle SchoolMarionTim Ridenourtridenou@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Watson Elementary SchoolMarionStacia Hoffmanslhoffman@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
West Fairmont Middle SchoolMarionTaylor Myerstaylor.myers@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Peterstown Middle SchoolMonroeSamantha Closesamantha.close@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Pleasant View Elementary SchoolMorganMisty Tusingmisty.tusing@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Warm Springs Intermediate SchoolMorganRebecca Huberrmgray@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Triadelphia Middle SchoolOhioBrad Sorgebsorge@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Mountaineer Challenge Academy NorthPrestonAnthony Favro, Roxanne, roxanne.l.bright@wv.gov2nd Class, 2021-2024
Mountaineer Challenge Academy SouthFayetteSusan Bossie Maddoxlorena.s.bossiemaddox@wv.gov2nd Class, 2021-2024
Buffalo Elementary SchoolPutnamErica Divitaedivita@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Confidence Elementary SchoolPutnamMelody Shilotmelody.allison@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Conner Street Elementary SchoolPutnamAudra CragheadAudra.Craghead@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
George Washington Middle SchoolPutnamAngie Gatensagatens@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Hometown Elementary SchoolPutnamMelody Shilotmelody.allison@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Hurricane Middle SchoolPutnamLisa Leelisa.lee@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Poca High SchoolPutnamJoshua Class, 2021-2024
Poca Middle SchoolPutnamTeresa Forbistforbis@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Scott Teays Elementary SchoolPutnamMelanie Rumermrumer@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Winfield High SchoolPutnamNicole Snuffernicole.snuffer@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Winfield Middle SchoolPutnamMatthew Shockmatt.shock@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Arthur I Boreman Elementary SchoolTylerWendy Carpenterwcarpent@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Sistersville Elementary SchoolTylerWendy Carpenterwcarpent@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Tyler Consolidated High SchoolTylerTerri McCoytmccoy@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Tyler Consolidated Middle SchoolTylerVirginia Dillamanvirginia.dillaman@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Long Drain SchoolWetzelSharon Snidersesnider@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024
Short Line SchoolWetzelHannah Ruxhannah.rux@k12.wv.us2nd Class, 2021-2024

NOTE: Applications for award renewal may be received up to seven months in advance for the continuation of a school’s status.