The West Virginia Science and Engineering Fair will be held virtually this year. For this year only, projects will move directly from the school to the state level competition. Fair participation is optional for all students. Regional and County competitions will not be held this year.

The competition format will be determined at the school level. Each school will determine if they are interested in participating this year. If a school chooses to participate, they will need to select a school level fair contact. That coordinator will be the primary liaison between WVDE and the school. Each school that chooses to participate will receive a small $100 grant to support the coordination of the school fair. Students enrolled in full-time Virtual instruction are eligible to submit projects for competition at the school level. Local home school students will need to participate at the school level, and each county will need to determine a policy to allow their participation.

Each school will submit one project per grade band (3-5, 6-8, 9-12) to the state for judging. These projects are to be considered the school’s “best of fair” and will act as this year’s Science Ambassadors for West Virginia.  All projects will be completed individually this year (no teams or group projects) and will be submitted to the WVDE as a 3 to 5-minute video presentation (either video or voice over PowerPoint). All fair rules still apply.

The deadline for principals to complete the fair registration is December 28, 2020. Please contact Erika Klose ( or Jennifer Schwertfeger ( if the link to the registration form is needed.

School level science fair submissions will be submitted to WVDE beginning March 1, 2021 and continue through March 12, 2021. Information regarding the fair can be found in the specific sections of this website.