Option Pathway Program

Many students who attend WVSDT facilities are behind their grade-level cohorts. The Option Pathway Program provides another opportunity for our students to catch up on credit deficiencies. Option Pathway combines a state approved CTE (Career Technical Education) Program of Study with the HiSET® exam to earn a high school diploma. Option Pathway requires students to obtain four CTE credits to complete the program. Ready to Work certifications may count for two of these four credits.  

Available Options: 

There are three options available to students: 

  1. Option 1 (Core): Blend of CTE courses and HSEA (High School Equivalency Assessment) preparation classes to receive diploma 
  2. Option 2 (Credit Recovery): Designed for 12th grade students to recover credit in one failing content area 
  3. Option 3 (HSE (High School Equivalency)): Designed to allow students who have decided to drop out a chance to earn the WV High School Equivalency Diploma 

Ready To Work 

Ready to Work certifications are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce when they leave WVSDT.  

  1. Ready to Work 1 Certifications: WV Welcome, CPR/First Aid, Food Handlers, Personal Finance and Tooling U.  
  2. Ready to Work 2 Certifications: OSHA 10, Digital Citizenship, Business Applications and Tooling U.  

Technology and Interventions 

Our teachers use a variety of instructional platforms to individualize student learning.

Platform Description
Aztec An offline program that provides customized reading, writing, and math support to students who are below grade level.
Barton Reading A great tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or other learning disabilities.
Carnegie  Provides a personalized experience with customized feedback and contextual hints designed to help students persevere and solve problems 
Essential Education An online program that pinpoints the missing skills and then creates a unique learning plan for each student, all while giving teachers the resources they need to make sure every student is successful.
HMH Math 180  A math intervention program designed to build students’ confidence with mathematics 
HMH Read 180  A blended learning intervention program building reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and writing skills 
IXL  IXL provides curriculum and diagnostic tools to personalize student instruction and practice.
Khan Academy  Khan Academy offers many tools to empower learners to study at their own pace. 
Nearpod  Nearpod is an online tool that allows teachers to create interactive learning resources. 
Newsela  Newsela brings together engaging content with assessment to help students achieve reading success. 
Schoology  A system that allows teachers to administer online curriculum, track student progress, and deliver instruction in a blended classroom environment